Tracking employee\asset moves


I'm looking for a way to track employee movements.   I have a transaction table to that includes Employee Number, Cost Center and Month values.  Is there a way that I can look up the Cost Center that was assigned to an employee from a previous month?  I know there is a PREVIOUS function that can pull numeric values, but wasn't sure if there was something similar that can pull the list member for a certain period.




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  • rob_marshall



    Blake - create a module Employee Flat on the rows, Time across the top, and a line item formatted as Cost Center.  This way, you will be able to track the cost by time for each employee.




  • PREVIOUS() works with list formatted items as well, see:

    In order to use it, you need a data module dimensionalized by Employee and time (native Anaplan timescale), not just a transactional data table with Month as one of the line items. If the data is already in your transaction table, you may just need to pull it into a new dimensionalized module, then you can use PREVIOUS() to compare.

  • Hey Rob,


    Thanks for the quick response as always!  


    I hear what you are saying.  I think my problem is that I currently have my Employee list set up where the Employee is a child of a Cost Center.  (using the combination of Employee Number and Cost Center as the Code).  The same employee could exist under different cost centers.  This allows me to keep history when employees move.   I think what I need to do is create another Employee list without the Cost Centers and then use that to track the history.  


    I'll give that a try.  

  • @OSUBlakester ,


    You are correct, try creating just a flat Employee list which stores all of the metadata for the employee (hire date, name, etc.) and then another module as I described above.  Now, to create the hierarchy, with the employee ID at the base, you could create your cost center hierarchy (call it L1->L5) and then create a module dimensionalized by Cost Center L5 by Employee by Time.  Then create a filter which references the Cost Center line item in your Employee by Time module.  This way, you see the which employees roll up to a cost center for a particular month.


    I used cost centers here as the base, but you would use Employees



    In the "join" module, again you would substitute CC L9 Flat with your Employee Flat list



    And create the following filter:



    The results are:



    Hope this helps,