Dynamic Cell Access does not seem to work in new UX



I have created a module with dynamic cell access for a specific line item 'Transfer Site'. It is a list-formatted line item.

In a separate access drivers module I have created 2 boolean line items for read and write access which are checked.

This gives the possibility to a user with access rights to only 1 site to select from all the other sites in the line item 'Transfer Site'.

I tried it in the module itself (by limiting my role to one site) and I am able to select any other site in that line item. In the page selector off course I can only select my own site and only see data from my own site.

When I publish this view to a worksheet in the new UX, I am not able to select from any other sites in the line item transfer site!

See printscreens attached. 


How does it come that it works in the model but not on the worksheet? I don't understand.


Thanks for helping me out!




  • Hey - Are you noticing the same even when you remove the DCA? 


    I was able to replicate but seems related to the selective access - it can be restricted at the line item level or disabled (using the selective access checkbox in the line item settings) in the existing UX, however when you publish the module to the new UX the selective access becomes restrictive at the line item level regardless.  Is that the same as what you are noticing?