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What can i do to publish comparative data in my dashboard? for example, in my notes to FS, i published the period ending and reporting entity. For my cash and cash equivalents, if i select Jan 2019, the comparative month (Jan 2018) shall also appear alongside with it? and if i select Feb 2019, Feb 2018 data will appear and so on.. 


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  • @elaine.novel 


    There are multiple ways to do this.It all depends where your source data is. For example you can create a list with two entries i.e., Current Period and Prior Period and write IF else statement to pull the data from the respective source modules. 




  • No, i don't think it will work this way as this is only for the purpose of publishing?

  • Hi @elaine.novel 


    Try the following:

    1) In a system module with no dimensions create a lineitem ‘Select Month’ and format that as time period month and publish it to DB for selection


    2) In a time filter module create a Boolean lineitem for filter. Formula should be : ITEM(Time) = select month OR ITEM(Time) = PERIOD(ADDMONTHS(START(select month), -12))

    By doing this, If Jan 20 is selected in the (1) above Jan 20 and Jan 19 will get checked.


    3) In the DB use step (2) as a filter. Which will filter for Jan 20 and Jan 19 only.




  • Hello @elaine.novel ,


    You can have a time selection drop down for the current month. Have two line items, one for current month(M0) and one for (M-12).


    Revenue         - Revenue for selected month

    Revenue  LY   - Revenue for selected month - 12 (Use any of LAG/LEAD/OFFSET time functions)




  • Thanks Pavan! Appreciate this! 🙂

  • Hi @PavanKumar , 


    In addition to my previous query, what if part of the client's requirement is to be able to see the quarterly, half year and yearly comparative data. I was able to derive the monthly comparative but upon discussion, the quarterly and annual should also be part of the selection. is there a way to merge the monthly, quarterly and yearly in the selection pane to show the comparative of them too?


    Appreciate your response again.