Dashboard view by year/ monthly view


Hi I have a dashboard where it present in a monthly format  (Jan 20, Feb 20 Mar 20 etc ) (Time scale in the module in blueprint in Month)


Can i create a switch for dashboard user can switch the view from the monthly view above to Full year view ( Full year 2017,2018,2019,2020 etc )


Many thanks 



  • Hi @Will Man 


    You can absolutely do this - this training app will give you all you need to know on time filters;







  • We have applied filters based on Boolean line items to accomplish this in the past.  This can be accomplished with a system module to create the needed filters that you will then apply to the modules on your dashboard.   The drawback of this approach is that in order for your dashboard to refilter based on the input selection it must be refreshed (filters don't auto-refresh based on a change in input). 


    How to create filter module:

    Step 1 - Create an input line where Boolean is checked if you want to view years only (no time dimension)

    Step 2 - Create line dimensioned by Year and reference line created in Step 1

    Step 3 - Create line dimensioned by Month and reference the inverse of Step 2 (i.e. input NOT true)

    Step 4 - Create module dimensioned by Month and bring together Steps 1 and 2 *Ensure the summary method is set to Formula

    ***If you want this filter to be user specific, ensure you are dimensioning the module by Users


    Hope this helps!

  • Hi @Will Man ,


    1. You can create a Time Filter module:


    2. Use the IsYear member in your module.

    3. Also Publish the IsYear member on dashboard:



    4: When user selects IsYear on year members are shown otherwise months are displayed.





    Hope this helps.