Saved View not Changed in Dashboard


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This seems like a simple one.  I changed a saved view that is displayed on a dashboard.  However the dashboard isn't updating with the new view.  I overwrote the old view so the name is the same.  I've clicked refresh on both the dashboard and the saved view to no avail.  Thoughts?




    That's correct. the formatting and view will not resolve on the dashboard automatically. Only the data.

    You will have to remove the old one and add the new one.

    That would be really cool though - you should consider making that an idea!


    Alternatively, you could just use the drop down on the dashboard to make your format changes. But that will not be reflected in your view.


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    yes that's the current behavior, as correctly mentioned by @JaredDolich  if you make changes on the saved view, they don't get reflected on the dashboard, you need to republish the view.

    This is true for exports as well, if you change the view of the export you still get the old export, until you modify the export action.




  • @Yash1 

    Thank you!!! It never occurred to me about the exports.

    And it's been a real problem for me - that makes so much sense.

    Really appreciate that little nugget!


  • Hi @JaredDolich ,


    And as you mentioned earlier, it would be really cool if this can be shared in idea exchange and can be fixed in next few releases. It would make many things easier to maintain.




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    The functionality you have described does work in the New UX. Please bear this in mind as you migrate to the new UX as your dashboards will update when you change a saved view.