How to plan annual values -- a beginner's question


Is it possible to directly plan annual values only using calendar type Calendar month/quarter/years?


I have completed the Level 1 modeling course and all the examples there plan on the basis of individual months (Time being placed in the columns of the module definition) so I am very much feeling my way on this. 

Here's the input module that I would like to create: 

Page:  Product number

Line item:  Annual sales

Columns: 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024


This question is about entering yearly values, not displaying yearly values once monthly values have been entered. 






Best Answer

  • AWhitworth



    Yes this is possible. You can change the time format of a module in the blueprint view. By default, this is set to month but you can change to day, Week, Month or year to suit your purpose. See the highlighted column below: