Community Vlog #3: Master Anaplanner Program—Beauram & Ameneh


In this Community Vlog, Beauram Hur (@beauram) and Ameneh McCullough (@Ameneh), members of the Master Anaplanner Program team, discuss their roles within Anaplan, how they serve members of the Master Anaplanner program, thoughts on Connected Planning, and so much more! Get to know these amazing members of the Anaplan team and how their roles impact Anaplan customers, partners and employees.

Through these short video interviews between two members of the same team, you’ll get to know some of the people that work directly with our customers and behind the scenes on our platform.

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  • "Guess what I did on Anaplan today..."



  • @Ameneh and @Beauram 

    Great to finally meet you virtually! 

    Thanks for making my transition to the Master Anaplanner community a great one!


  • You guys are the absolute best!  Thank you so much for your engagement and advocacy to make the Master Anaplanner program so wonderful.  It is so exciting to be part of such a vibrant and thriving community that makes each of us better.


    @Ameneh - the thing people need to know about you is that your positive attitude is absolutely infectious!  


    @Beauram - is there an App in your future to do scenario planning based on bus schedules?  Loved that example of connected planning.  🙂

  • Thank you everyone for such kind words! Can't wait to you meet you all in person very soon 🙂 

  • Yes, thank you! It's a joy to work with you all, virtually and otherwise!! 

  • AnyaS

    @Ameneh@Beauram, your program is inherently fun because that’s what happens when a couple of naturally creative people get to bring their ideas to life uninhibitedly 🙂 What a cute video!