Level 2 Model Building - Sprint 1 - Activity: Set Up Import from Source Module


I'm completing the Level 2 Model builder training and I'm having an issue with the Activity: Set Up Import from Source Module, Sprint 1.

When I import the saved view module I'm only getting the fields Code, Country. I should be getting Code, Country and Distribution Center. It's not showing up though and I'm not sure why. Any help would be much appreciated! I've attached 2 screenshots. The first is what my import looks like, the second is what it should look like.


  • Hello,


    You need to build a subset "s G3 Location: Distribution Center?" in your 'G3 Location' list.


    Then you create a new process to import the data in the list.


     Please try the above solution.




  • In my T3.3 Build location, I still do not see distribution center option. Can anyone assist me with this issue?




  • As the system modules' saved views e.g. SYS005 saved views are generally created by the available data in the module. While importing data in the module most of the data is not getting imported or the file itself is not complete or blank. Therefore, my saved views' data is also blank, resulting a blank G lists. Moreover, my view of G lists doesn't match with the output provided in the training module. Any help in this regard would be appreciated.

  • Can you share a screenshot?