Is it possible to populate a General List with new member/attributes via a module/dashboard?




I was wondering if it's possible to load a file into a module with brand new list members and it's attributes? 






  • Hi Dan,


    You can't create new members when loading into a module, however an alternate approach is to create an import action with the file loading into the list to create the members + an import action with the file loading into the module to store the data and then putting them in a process that you publish onto the dashboard?




  • @CommunityMember115525 

    Great question.

    @wquan is correct. I would just add that the module that you load the attributes into should be a system module, a module that only uses one dimension (using the list you are working with). In your planning module, you can lookup the attributes from the system module with a LOOKUP function. The benefit of doing this is that you only have the attributes calculated one time (in one cell) vs being copied X every other dimension.


    Here's a link to learn more about the DISCO method (the "S" stands for system).

    Best Practices for Module Design by @DavidSmith