New UX - Bug when using Show/hide


Hi all,


I wanted to just raise an issue I have encountered.


When using the Show/Hide option in the New UX the list of items does not appear correctly. It looks exactly the same with line items, time or imagine any other dimension you may have in your module.



I am using Opera with 100% zoom. I tested this on my second screen but the issue is still visible on the laptop screen.


  • @Noward 


    It's working fine for me. Can you clear your cache in your existing browser or try another browser? If the problem persists better to log a ticket with



  • Hi,


    I also see a problem with hiding line items in New UX. For example if want to publish two different modules in a board and for both the grids line items are in pages. Then i am able to only hide/show only line items in one grid and not able to hide/show required line items in 2nd grid.

  • I had that same issue it was because of my screen resolution that wasn't "standard ratio" (was using a TV). On my laptop screen it worked fine.

  • I did this in the laptop with standard ratio but still i am not able see the option to show/hide the second module line items.