Manage Models in New UX

In the new UI, where do I access the 'Manage Models' function? I am able to switch back to the classic view and manage them their, but I was unable to locate in the new view...


  • Hi @mwaltz0213


    I also am not seeing the manage models option in the top right of the screen (see below). It may be best to log a ticket with Anaplan support:  and they will then provide an update once it's resolved. 




  • @mwaltz0213 


    It should be there on the Main/Landing Screen in NUX. Click on Manage this app and you will see Manage Models




    Hope that's exactly what you were looking for


  • Hi Misbah,


    It looks like that's only available on Apps, I'm looking for a way to manage the models, where I can copy, archive, etc. on the classic version.

  • @mwaltz0213 


    I am not sure if that feature is available there yet.