Potential Error in L2 Course: "Actions involving numbered lists CANNOT be placed in a Process"

Taking the on-demand L2 course right now.  There's a slide that says:


"Actions involving numbered lists CANNOT be placed in a Process"




Pretty sure it was in the Create a Process with Multiple Imports section:



Anyway, either that statement is incorrect, or I must be interpreting this differently.


I just tested an "Process" action with an import involving a numbered list and it worked fine.  (just making sure the functionality hadn't changed on me)



I guess the other factor is, we run processes involving numbered lists all the time in our models, so I don't think this can be true, at least the way I'm interpreting it.


Please let me know if this actually means something else.  If it does, the wording should probably be changed in the training.




  • @matthewkuo 


    I think what it means is that you can't create a process with actions that needs Numbered list. For example CREATE,ASSIGN, DELETE BRANCH etc can't be put in a process.


    But I agree with you on the way it has been written - it is quite vague. 




  • @matthewkuo    Thanks for the feedback I can see how the text on screen can be misinterpreted.  If you look on the left hand side, you can always review the transcript.  



  • Ah I see, it's those specific types of actions.  Thanks for the clarification.

  • We fixed it in the course to be clearer.  Thanks