Using Model Role to filter


I would like to filter a module which uses a list of users (either actual User list or a regular list which is a copy) by the Model Role each user has been assigned.  Cannot seem to figure out how to import the model role into a module.  Ideas?


  • @BrentOrr 

    Great question.

    You won't be able to filter directly on the users for role but what you can do is export the user list (which contains the role) then import it into a system module where you can build your filters.

    Others have asked the same question

    Some good responses in case you want read about it.


  • Thanks for the response Jared but if it can't be done directly then it would be easier to add a manual workaround within the model vs export/import.

  • @BrentOrr @JaredDolich 


    There is no way we can do it in Anaplan as of now.


    By the way I was thinking What if we had attributes tagged to the Inbuilt Users list. All we had to do is click and refer


    Amazing, wouldn't that be?


  • How about thinking about it from the opposite.

    Create a module to maintain user properties and roles, and import data from the module to the user list.


    I have not done this experiment, though...

  • If we want to do this, we may have to prepare a dummy role instead of "No Access". And we can't set the dummy role as a default, can we?
  • Hi @BrentOrr ,


    An alternative approach:

    1. If an API can be written to export the User information to a file at a fixed location.

    2. This export can be loaded to a module.


    Let me know if this sounds feasible.





  • Hi,


    1. You can build a module with the users list and then publish it to dashboard.

    2. Then create 2 actions, 

    a. Where the user can be added as an entry into the module and 

    b. Use this module to import the users into the user list by using a process and attach an import action to it.

    The import action will basically import the user data from the module to the "Users" list.

    This way it'll be automated also.


    Hope this helps.





  • Good reply Jared.