How to freeze a verson from change in master data



I would like to have a  "budget version" free from any change; formulas, list, metadata.
Is it possible to do it with Anaplan? Is there a way within Anaplan to freeze a version i.e stop it from being rules calculated, whilst retaining the data?  And can you help me with this? 

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  • Manuela_Apostol

    Hi @gaetan_ed


    There are some ways, depending on the way the model is built. 


    Read/Write to versions: from Settings - Version to set edit to and from to None, as well as from the User access -> Roles - Versions set to either None or just Read. This you can use it in combination with formula scope explained below: 


    Formula Scope: In the Blue Prints of the modules which are using Versions, you can set up the Formula scope to only affect some specific versions. So your formulas will apply to some specific versions only and the rest of versions will not be calc (there are few options: All except Actual, Current version only, etc). So, let's say your formula scope is set to "Current Version" then the calculation will apply only to the current version and the rest will not change (data will look like input). Use the settings above to give only read access to rest of the versions, so your data will only be changed for the current one with either read or no read possibility for the rest.       


    Manuela Apostol  

  • a.dilieto

    Hi @gaetan_ed ,


    I think you need to "submit" the data with an import action from the module with the calculations to a static module with no formulae.




  • nathan_rudman

    due to the nature of live calculation of Anaplan, short answer is no. If the model builder changes the formulas, the list etc, then the numbers are going to change.


    To mitigate that:

    1: make an archive of your model when budget is finished. if you have a doubt, you can always refer to it

    2: in your model, prepare an "archive" module where you can take a copy of the P&L of the budget. This module is very unlikely to change so you can use it as a reference (don't archive all details, just the financial statements)

    3: then you can make a variation of the budget version vs the archived P&L and thus you'll know when the values are changing so you can adapt your development.

  • Misbah
    Answer ✓



    Option 1: Make use of Bulk Copy Functionality under Version Settings. Create a Version called "Frozen Budget", use Bulk Copy Functionality and snapshot the data from Existing Budget Versions to Frozen Budget Version. Note: This is an admin activity and cannot be published on to the dashboard. Also Adding version will have an impact on the overall size of the model


    Option 2: You can use DCA on the modules along with Formula Scope but this requires a considerable amount of effort. I would keep that as my last option.


    Hope this helps


  • nathan_rudman
    read after that your main concern is the list of employees and I agree with you.
    My advice is not to try to maintain the list of employees valid for budget. Your list should be live for your forecast etc.
    Make a copy of the budget list into a new list of just keep it as a reference. You could base the calcs on it as well but it's going to be a bit complex.


  • @Manuela_Apostol 


    Hi Manuela, 

    Thanks for the hints, my budget is dependent on a list of employee. Imagine that I remove an employee. Can I prevent my "budget version" to update? 


  • In this case, you will need to create a module to save your data (it still can contain versions if you need to)  but your data must be stored on a different list. 


    If you want to have the employee detail you then need to create an alternative dummy list of employees that are not being cleared. Or, you store on a more aggregated levels 


  • Hi @a.dilieto , 

    Thanks, it sounds interesting. I have defined a budget process therefore I should do the import for all my modules in the budget process. And How I can still capture the versions comparison? In the end, my goal is to have a reference budget that I can compare to other versions. 

  • Thanks for the solution proposed. I will consider all this point in the development of my solution.
  • Hi @gaetan_ed ,


    In order to compare the versions, you can build another module with applied a list "Comparison Versions" containing the items "Working" and "Submitted" (or many Submitted, depending on how many versions you are going to store); then, build up a formula to reference the original module (with calcs) when the item of the list is "Working" and reference the submitted module (without formulae) when the item of the list is "Submitted".


    I hope this helps.



  • Thank you for the information. I 'm working on it, in order to adapt it the best to my situation.
  • Thanks Antonio, it helps. I need to process this solution and work on it.
  • Indeed, this a good idea to avoid too much complexity. Do you suggest having a copy of the list as a reference?