Eliminate auto-generated ID in charts


Hi everyone,

I'm having an issue for my chart: Anaplan auto-generates ID number for Account names (Please see the chart attached).

This is because The Unique items are Account codes, and there are duplicates in Account name (with different account codes). I need to eliminate the auto-generate ID so that, for example the last 2 Items: Recruitment (#67) and Recruitment (#183) will be just one Item "Recruitment".

Thank you so much!





  • @mikeng 


    You can create a General List based on these items. Create a module dimensioned by newly created general list and pull the values from your numbered list module (Obviously by creating a link between the two). This will aggregate all the duplicate entries into one.


    Publish the graph based on newly created module. 




  • Hi @mikeng 


    I agree with @Misbah 's solution if you indeed just want one unique "recruitment" member for your chart.


    It may be worth mentioning that if you use the new UX to display your chart, then Anaplan does not display the automatically generated ID number. However it will show the "recruitment" with the same name but in two different lines. See an example attached.


    Hope this helps!


  • It works! thank you!
  • Thank you. The solution of Misbah suits my case.