Displaying Line items by user or role



I have an issue I'm trying to solve. I have a module that multiple users have access to. I don't want all the users to see all the line items. I need to hide 2-3 line items for certain users or roles.

Another module without those line items is not an option.

Is there a way to this?


Thank you


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  • helennie
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    Hi, unfortunately as you mentioned above, line item subset filter is not an option for you since this is text, and that's the only way I know of to create the type of dynamic line item filtering that you're looking for.


    As a workaround, you can publish the module to different dashboards, which you can give to the different roles. Disable the option to open the source module so that users can only access on the assigned dashboard. It's not an elegant solution, but it works, at least within Anaplan. (Please note that users would still be able to back into the full module via the Excel Add-in.)