Override function to SUM function


Problem Statement:

We develop a table setting out the results of transactions per code type across multiple categories (AP, AR, GL. etc). The results are calculated from detailed transactions  . The customer process dictates that the amounts determined should allow for overrides to assign the amounts (all or a portion) to another area within the same code e.g. Code BO87 from AR to AP on the same code using an override column per category




The underpinning formulas are:



The Override column must enable user inputs (overrides) and the results has be recalculated.

The layout and results does not allow for manual input






  • @Roelofg 


    Your selection has to be at a granular level in order to input any value into the system. Click on Profit Center Group and P Currency Dimensions and select the most granular level in both the dimensions. That should let you input any numbers into the Overrides.




  • Thank you Misbah.


    That is a solution and i tested it.


    You identified the key challenge.  The underlying BU's transactions are rolled up but the adjustments need to happen on the consolidated level.....


    Would it help to develop a "interim module" at highest roll-up level?


    I will play around. Tx

  • Solution


    I created a second module surmise the results at an higher level.



    That allow for overrides at the highest level.


    Thank you all