Importing data from another Anaplan model using a filter in the destination model


I have a client who would like to use an existing view in the data hub as an import, but doesn't want to bring all of the data over from that view. Is there a way they can have a filter in their model so that when the data is imported from the data hub, they don't have to do any additional processing to remove the extra rows? 


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  • rob_marshall

    @robinsalk ,


    The best way is to create a copy of the view in the source model/module and then apply the proper filtering (one boolean which will come from a "new" line item).  If you attempt to use the current view and it changes as they don't know you are using it as a source, that could have major impacts on your model/module.  I would also not advise what @JaredDolich stated because of two reasons: a) you shouldn't just create a list for a data load and b) the more errors/warnings you get, the longer it will take as a debug file is having to be created.  Every action should finish with a green checkmark, not warnings.  This way, if there is truly an error, you will know.  Lastly, and I don't think it applies here, but a view should only be called once in a Process meaning you shouldn't use the same view for multiple actions.  If you need to use the same view, simple open it and make a copy of it.  I have seen some really weird things happening when a view is used by multiple actions within a process.


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  • @robinsalk 

    I think you guessed it. The easiest way is you'll have to apply the filter at the data hub and create/edit the view. It's the cleanest way.


    If you want to try to get creative you can try this:

    Create a new list(s) in the spoke application that only contains the data you want, or modify the destination module so that it's limited only to the data you want from the data hub. List subsets would work well.

    Then when you import you'll only get the data you wanted but you'll get ignores and errors since some of the data won't have anywhere to go.


    If you try this, let us know how it goes. Anxious to hear what you decide to do.

  • Thanks Jared.


    There are different resources working on the data hub that are not within the user's group and don't want to use any of their time to create a view (even if it only takes 5 mins).


    I'll give them your 'creative' suggestion.

  • Thanks Rob.