Hyperconnect read and write to SQL database



I've been researching this and could not get a definitive answer from either here or the Infomatica forums.  Can Hyper connect read from on-prem SQL tables, import into Anaplan, and write back to on-prem tables in a SQL database?

Best Answer

  • JaredDolich


    HyperConnect is a native Anaplan connector so it only works to import, export data to/from Anaplan respectively. (It also runs processes and actions as part of those processes too).

    At the risk of being presumptuous, I'm going to re-frame the question as to whether your use case is possible using Informatica. In which case, the answer is yes. You will only use HyperConnect to make the interface to/from Anaplan. The rest is just ETL work that can be done using normal Informatica functionality. 


    Let me know if I understood the question correctly.


  • Hi Jared,

    Thank you for your response.  Yes, Hyperconnect is basically Informatica in the Cloud with Anaplan connectors.  As a typical ETL tool would work this way, I just wasn't sure if there were any limitations to the Anaplan Connectors...that if it had issues with reading and writing to tables.  So if not, thank you for confirming that Hyperconnect allows Informatica to communicate roundtrip to SQL databases.