users should add/update the changes in the module.This should reflect in the Target modules while they  submit. Like if already there is employee assigned to company and again if we wanted to update the details of employee how do we do that?



  • @SaiPrasanth.Guthula 

    I really like this question because it gets to the core competitive advantage of Anaplan which, of course, is connected planning.

    Assuming I understand your question correctly, the ability to have changes in the source show up in the target can happen one of two ways:

    - Through formulas. To use formulas though the source and target must be in the same model.

    - Through data integration. You can create "actions" in the target model that will move the changes from the source to the target. Lots of ways to do this from manual to automatic.


    Let me know what your use case is more specifically maybe a screenshot or two (nothing proprietary though), and I can provide a solution example!


    Great question @SaiPrasanth.Guthula. Let's get you in a good place with what you're trying to do.