Is it a Bug?


I have a dimensionless module with two line items

Line Item 1: Amount  (No TimeScale, No Versions applied) - Number formatted

Line Item 2: Absolute (No TimeScale, No Versions Applied) = Absolute value of Line item Amount 


Change the Formula Scope of the Line item Absolute from "All Versions" to "Actual Version" or "Current Version" the number becomes editable. How is Anaplan making the number editable when there are no versions applied and changing the formula scope shouldn't have made any difference. Is it supposed to work this way - I hope not.




 Post Changing Formula Scope from All Versions to Actual Version




Let me know your thoughts





  • Hi @Misbah,


    If you are applying Formula scope to the line item then you must have Version applied to it. it will work then.


    Please see the below link.







  • @naushad786 


    Agreed! (Formula Scope is dependent on Versions as dimension)


    But the point I was trying to highlight is when there are no versions applied Formula Scope shouldn't apply either.So basically system should see if there are versions in dimensions then only formula scope should apply, otherwise not.  As you can see in below screenshot it is not happening - System makes cells editable based on the Changes in Formula Scope when there are no versions applied.


    Hope that makes sense


  • Hi @Misbah ,


    I think this behavior is specifically for Actual Version. System allows you to Input value for Actual version, whereas if you choose, let's say "All Versions except Actual" , the cell would again become read only.


    Let me know if this provides some clarity.





  • @Yash1 


    Appreciate that! If you take a look at my initial query - I have mentioned it that it happens only to Actual version and Current Version. But the basic question still remains unanswered -Why should the Formula Scope be applied (Be it to only few) when there are no versions applied? Is there any logic that can supplement it?




  • Hi @Misbah 


    I see your point though technically it is doing what it says it's doing, i.e. apply formula only to 'Actual Version'. Note that this also applied 'Current Version'.


    Having said the above, I also appreciate that it does the following:

    1. If there is a formula + Formula Scope = Actual Version/ Current Version; then assuming a value is entered into this line item, this value will be lost if the model builder later realized his mistake and updated Formula Scope to 'All Versions'.

    2. This is not easy to debug, because it's a specific setting in a specific module.


    Based on your observation, i have created an entry in Ideas Exchange


    If we get enough upvotes, it'll get some attention with the Product/Engineering team.


    Once again, nice observation there ...!




  • @LipChean_Soh 


    Thanks! I have already upvoted for it.