Free S/MIME certificates to authenticate and use Python with Anaplan



I want to use Python with Anaplan. To do this we need to authenticate with either certificate or basic encoded authentication. I don't really want to use the latter as it's not as secure as Certificate authentication. I can see I need a S/MIME certificate to authenticate with Anaplan's API. Does anyone know of any free S/MIME certificates I can use? 



  • @samlambert 

    First of all, I would highly recommend reading @pmarpaka@scott.smith, and @ram.narayanan post on CA certificates if you haven't already. Also, worth watching is the terrific video that @JonFerneau and @daanish.soomar created.


    Regarding the question you asked:

    I don't know of any free CA Certificates but Anaplan has published CA certificates that are known to work. Actually, they're not that expensive, maybe $50/yr per email as a ballpark figure.

    Check out this CA Certificate list here that Anaplan created. There might be a free one in there but couldn't say for sure.


    Lastly, if you're going to use Python then you absolutely must read @chase.hippen article on API integration using Python 3.0. I have this linked to my favorites and as far as I'm concerned Chase is a genius - every one of his scripts work perfectly.


    Oh, and by the way. Regarding Python, I started with basic authentication. I used Chase's scripts but created a systems script that contained all my sensitive data so I didn't have to copy/paste my password all over the place. You might try that as well. Or, if you want, I'll paste a generic version of it to this post. Later I started using a CA Certificate. Chase's scripts accommodate both.


    Great question @samlambert. I hope you'll let us know what you decide to do and the success you have!