Error : Anaplan API: Could not connect to database! (SQL: No suitable driver found for



We are currently of migration from Anaplan Connect 1.3.3 to 1.4.3.
When we launch our .bat, we get the following error message:

printed screen.JPG

Could you help us about this error message ?


  • Have you copied over your Oracle thin JDBC driver zip file from the lib directory of your 1.3 installation?

  • Yes we have made a parallel copy of the existing to the new version.
    Lib directory.JPG

  • Some precisions:


    We have error with :


    set Operation=-debug -auth %AuthLocation% -loadclass %OracleDriver% -file %FILE_01_STAGE% -jdbcproperties %JDBCPROPERTIES% -import %IMPORT_01_STAGE% -execute -output %FILEERROR_01_STAGE% 


    printed screen.JPG

    And when we remove the -File :

    set Operation=-debug -auth %AuthLocation% -loadclass %OracleDriver% -jdbcproperties %JDBCPROPERTIES% -import %IMPORT_01_STAGE% -execute -output %FILEERROR_01_STAGE%


    Without File.JPG


  • Is the %OracleDriver% variable set earlier in the script? It should probably be oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver.


    The lib folder only has the following files in a clean install:
    You only need to copy over the Oracle JDBC driver jar(s), not the others.


  • Yes, Variable is defined in the script

    set OracleDriver="oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver"


    The lib folder is now clean but we have always the same error message Anaplan API: Could not connect to database! (SQL: No suitable driver found for "jdbc:oracle:thin:server_name:port:database"

  • ojdbc6_g.jar is just a variant of ojdbc6.jar with debug logging capabilities. Unless you want to trace the SQL queries (and know how to configure the logging) you probably don't need it, and only one of the two is required.

    If you have -loadclass oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver (or oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver) on the command line, then the driver should be registered when you use a jdbc:oracle:thin:... connection string, but the "no suitable driver found" error suggests this is not the case. Another way of registering the driver is to

    set JAVA_OPTS=-Djdbc.drivers=oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver

    I'm assuming the remainder of your actual connection string is different, and you've also omitted the -service, -workspace and -model parameters.

  • Hello,


    Thanks a lot for your advice.

    We found solution. The problem came from " " placed on the sql request in the