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I have one dimension "Employee" and want to assign two products A and B. Product A and Product B are two line items formatted as Product List. 


It is perfectly fine if employee is assigned the first product however, when the employee is assigned product B, then product A should not be visible in the dropdown as the employee has already been assigned. 


Employee   Product A      Product B


John           Screws          Nuts


When John is being assigned Nuts then Screws should not be visible in the drop down. 


Seems like a simple situation but I am struggling to make the logic.


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  • JoeAnderson

    I simple solution I've used in similar cases, or where you want inputs to be mutually exclusive (such as a series of Boolean inputs driving a calculation) is to use conditional formatting.


    Line item: Error format

    IF Product A = Product B then 10 else 0


    That way you can flag it as red or some other color to indicate an input error. Not completely error proof, but quick and simple.


  • Try using dynamic cell access approach. When a user selects a value from Product B, then, the Boolean (you could use this name for line item: "Activate Product A") will become false, else true. Now, for Product A line Item, set Read access driver and Write access driver to use "Activate Product A" value.


    This should work. 🙂 



  • klon2001cr_0-1582062557157.png

    Already implemented and it is working. Let me know if it works for you too. 

  • I guess, No. In your example, in the drop down for chosing Product A, against Chocolates, Nutzo bar should not be visible in the drop down ..
  • Hi @AvnishGoel ,


    You can create "Assign" action through which you can do that. Please see the below the screenshots. As you can see that Product A is assigned to John. When you will click again in "Assign Product to Customer " action. you will be able to assign Product B only. 






    Hope, It will help you.





  • I was thinking on the same, usually I use the same. Thank you!