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I have a list of customers belonging to a region . Every customer is linked to a unique account manager. I have a SYS- Customers module, with the customer list as a dimension and the account manager as a list-formatted line item and the region as a list-formatted line item. The lists of account managers and regions are flat list, they are not part of the customer hierarchy since I need to aggregate customers into other parent lists.

I want to set up selective access on the region,so that each account manager only sees the regions in which his customers are located.

How can I make the link between account manager and region? 



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  • ArunManickam

    Saved view




    Import Mapping






    Note: It is only incremental/additive, when there is a removal of access it does not work. For that case, you need one more step to clear all selective access and then import from the SYS module saved view. The admin who runs this process must have access to all and should not be an account manager himself/herself.


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  • Hello @LouiseBourgonjon ,


    Are the inputs made on Customer dimension or Region dimension? -- Assuming it is on Customer dimension.


    Providing selective access at region level (since it not part of the customer hierarchy), it may restrict the region but it is going to show all customers to the account manager for the selected regions. You may rethink to provide the selective access by customer & region.


    From your SYS module, you can create an import action which imports into the User setup. This can be automated and scheduled. Once you setup the SYS module, it can create necessary selective access on Region & Customer.








  • Hi Arun,


    Thanks for your reply.

    Indeed the inputs are made on customer dimension.

    Yes, I will indeed need to set up access rights both on region and on customer level.

    For the customer level, I managed, since a customer is directly linked to an account manager (which are linked to a user in Anaplan).

    But for the regions, there is no direct link between a region and an account manager. I created a module with dimensions Region & Account Manager, in which I want to map the regions of an account manager. From there I would create a saved view and import into users selective access. But I don't manage to find a formula to show which regions belong to an account manager. Any idea?




  • Great! Thanks a lot for your help!

  • ckryan

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    I wanted to follow up on this. We are running into a scenario where we want to remove selective access enabled list member from a user. For example, we would want to remove REG#2 from Nathan Rudman below. Is there a way to remove access via an action? We have tried importing a systems module using a line item with a formula of BLANK.


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  • Hello @ckryan 


    You need to import the values into the "NONE" field of the respective selective access level.


    Usually I import all values into the NONE (for eg P1 Department NONE) , so it clears everything and then run the second action which sets up the value into P1 Department Read/Write.






  • ckryan

    Thanks, Arun!