Update the Data in Current Module


In my current module which is dimensionalized by a numbered list I added additional 4 line items .. and I have a csv file based on which I want to update my current module. However, the dimension is a numbered list and display name has a logic to it. I have lot of other keys which can be unique to update the data, however, I have a feeling that without creating a common dimension, I will not be able to update. 


For example


Dimension - Product (# numbered list product id + Effective date) 


Added 3 more attributes to the module.. color, and shape


In my csv file, I have product id and product name which can make it unique but I am struggling to update the right attributes... Any help would be appreciable.


  • For a numbered list I'd suggest setting up a unique code for each item - if necessary this can be formed from other attributes; you can create a property with a formula then populate the code using an import from the same list. Your CSV file will also need to contain this code to identify items in the numbered list.