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how to get first Non zero number as summary if lineitem is dimensions with list


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  • Akhtar.shahbaz

    Hi @PujithaB 


    As @kavinkumar already provided you a solution.


    As we know as per our best practice we should avoid Text line item as much as possible. I have tried to solve same problem without text line item. As we can't use any time formula like Previous etc here that's why i have used few line items to support the logic.

    Below screenshot will show you different Examples

     Example 1:


    Example 2: 


    Example 3: 



    Blueprint of Module:



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  • Do you mean first or MIN ? If MIN then it is relatively easy with the MIN summary.. You'll have to trick Anaplan a little here by changing 0 to a very high value for example, 999999999, so these 0 are not picked up by MIN.

    If the display of your original line item is important and you don't want to show those 99999 values, you do this on another "technical" line item and then bring the value on the original one.


    technical line item (summary type MIN) = IF source value = 0 then 99999999 else source value
    original line item = technical line item 


    If you want to display both low level values and parent MIN on the same line item you can try something like this:

    display line item (summary type formula) = IF low level then source value ELSE technical line item

    low level being a boolean line item dimensioned by your list (only) with formula TRUE and summary type none.




  • HI @PujithaB,


    Try this!! 







    Logic: Try to convert the number to text, then find the first non-zero item and bring back the value.

    Hope this helps!