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I need to be able to show actuals across a selection of line items which are populated by data sources and forecast inputs across the same selection of line items. My current solution is to use two modules containing identical line items with identical formatting using the same styles. This ensures they align when presented on a dashboard. However, as the model grows the user must update both modules when wanting to make changes to the line items which is more admin than I would like!!


Is it possible to use a line item subset where the the style formatting is retained? I suspect this is not available, if so are there any suitable alternatives to avoiding the need to update multiple identical modules when making changes? This requirement just reeks of redundancy which I would like to minimise as much as possible. 


All suggestions welcome.


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  • @ChrisAHeathcote 


    Not sure if it is only me.I am confused about what is it that you want to do? Why not having versions in your module? 


    On LIS, yes you are right there is no way to change the style formatting.

  • Hi @ChrisAHeathcote 


    I am not sure if i understand your question correctly, yes styles on the line items are not transferred over to the line item subset but we can achieve almost the same with the source module from which you want to create Line item subset. Only you need to take care of "Is Summary" of the line item.


    source module:


    * Is summary will not be checked for Ratio line items , to get the "Is summary" you need to create extra line items and write your main formula here and then refer back this line item in your original line item.




    LIS module


    Now here you can see your summary style or P&L hierarchy.



    Limitation -> you need extra line item.


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  • Hi, @ChrisAHeathcote 


    Is this truly a topic with Line Item Formatting issue?


    I understand your situation this way.
    You have two modules, and their line items are all the same, includes formatting. One is for actual data, and one is for inputs of the forecast. You and your customer want to synchronize these two modules when the model grows and needs more Line Items.
    It concerns maintainability = sustainability.


    If so, please let me know why you need two modules instead of one.
    Is there some technical difficulty in combining two modules? For example, the formula scope functionality doesn't meet your requirements?


    I would like to specify your wants more and think about the best way to solve this.


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  • You are correct. I was not aware of formula scope and its range of functionality. 

    I have managed to resolve the issue using formula scope to display actual and capture forecast in the same module.