Information for a Line Item Disappears when in Top Level




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I would like to ask for any information that may help in troubleshooting this issue.


I have a line item in a module called, "Credit Account". I have it in formula which basically says: If the Company is 'A' then use account number '12345', ELSE, use '67890'.  This is working fine, and the accounts are populated in the line item BUT only on the lower levels of the company hierarchy. If I go to the Topmost Level/ the Conso Level, it is not showing up -- it's just blank. The information must show up at the top level as per the requirement -- an output to a csv/excel. 


What am I missing? 


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  • andre.lie

     Hi @jspascual 


    If your line item is text, by default the Summary method will be set to None.  You can show the text at Parent level by changing it to First non-blank or Last non-blank.








  • usman.zia

    Hi @jspascual 


    As @andre.lie mentions you need to change the summary method to allow the formula to show the value at the higher level. 


    But you need to consider a few points:

    1. Does your hierarchy have multiple items below and is bringing the last or first the correct code you want to see? (as in @andre.lie example he has many cities and if they all had a code which code would you want to see?)

    2. It may be the case that you only have one item today but in the future this may change you may have two items and this can cause errors in the future (has happened to me!). How do you deal with this?

    3. Do I need to have another formula at the top level to account for this and change the formula to bring this in to avoid the issue (where a subsidary view can help).


    Also I notice in your formula you have hard coded codes is this just for the result of the example your explaining or it is actually hard coded? Worth considering is this sustainable for the future?


    I hope this helps!






  • Hi @usman.zia ,

    I definitely agree with your points.

  • Thanks for all of your input. 





  • Thanks, @andre.lie


    I do have a follow up question on this. 


    This works when the other companies have data on them.

    However, when only company 'A' has data for a given period, the top level should only show the account specific for 'A' company. 


    Is it possible?