How can I get the "Model Builder" Certificate file after succeding all the steps?




I don't know where to find my final Certificate of "Certified Model Builder" file.
I already got my Level 1 & 2 Certification and I passed The Anaplan Way. (+ Foundation 101)



  • @FabianAplr 


    As far as I know there is no certificate for that. There are certificates for completing Level 1, Level 2 , Level 3, Solution Architect and Master Anaplanner.


    Anaplanners who complete Level 1, Level 2 and attend classroom training for The Anaplan Way (TAW) - will be treated as Certified Model Builder. @JaredDolich do you concur?

  • @FabianAplr 

    @Misbah is correct.

    Your tenant administrator will also have a screen somewhere on the admin console that allows them to see that you have passed L1, L2 and have taken the Anaplan Way. I believe there is also a checkbox that shows that you are considered a certified anaplan modeler. Beyond that, the console also shows if you've passed the architect exam, train the trainer, and master anaplanner.

    I agree with @Misbah that it would be nice if we had a certificate that follows the diagram chart to master anaplanner.

    Maybe with the L3 certification, they will make some adjustments.




  • @JaredDolich  @FabianAplr @Misbah 


    We will have one for you by end of next week.  I'll put the link in here. 

  • @ChrisMullen 

    That would be awesome!!

  • Misbah



    Thank you so much "The Other Chris:)


    Well, can this link be used by other people to download their certificates? I want many of my team members to download the certificates too



  • @ChrisMullen Thank you!!

    And just to add to @Misbah question. Is it okay to share this on LinkedIn? I don't want to confuse people if you're not ready to distribute to everyone.

    Also, does this certificate automatically renew each year, or will there be maintenance on this? 

    Looks great - really appreciate the work you're doing over there.

    Certified-Model-Builder-Jared Dolich.png

  • @Misbah   Yes, those links will work and you will also see the page on the learning center.


    @JaredDolich   Please do share on linkedin with the hashtag #anaplanacademy ( I think I can only find them if they are in the post and not the comments)  


    With regards to will the certificate renew every year, the goal is to make sure we are outlining the requirements at the half year mark, this will give learners enough time for continued education.  As of right now, we have no courses we are planning to add to next years requirements.  However, I could see us putting in some requirement around the NUX(New User Experience) onDemand course. 

  • @ChrisMullen 

    Not sure a certificate for NUX would be reasonable since the course is only 90 min. But maybe a badge like the Anaplan Way on the Community Site!

    I think NUX is a great idea for maintenance!

  • @JaredDolich   I was saying for 2021, we might consider requiring learners to take the New UX training to maintain Certified Model Builder status.  

  • How do we get considered for the audience of Certified Model Builders?

  • Complete the required course work.  For this fiscal year, it is Level 1 Model Building, Level 2 Model Building and The Anaplan way.  

  • Hi Chris,

    Can I also get the same certificate? Don't know where to find it but it looks awesome.
  • I also have completed TAW, Level 1, Level 2

  • nileshs

    I have completed my Level 1 certification exam, where can I find my certificate for the same. 

  • DSS

    Dear @ChrisMullen,

    I tried to access the link "Here is the link to get your certificate" but it doesn't work. Then I looked for the page in the Learning Center section you mentioned but I didn't find anything

    Where can I find the exact page on the learning center?

    Thank you in advance.

    Ps: I still have to complete the last course, "Anaplan Way".