Control Module for Creating a View



I have to create a view with time dimension and line items as columns and another list as rows.

Not all the line items would be shown for each time and the user has to select manually(ctrl+select each line item and then show) which line items are to be shown for each month.


Is it possible to create a control module that will, say give the user a matrix of time and these line items and they can select which line items they want to see each month(including time summary items e.g. All Period)?




  • Hi,


    Line Items

    This can be achieved by using a Line Item Subset or LISS for short.

    Create this LISS and allocate the module containing the line items you would like to filter on.

    Create a new module and add the new LISS, users and time as your dimensions. Create a line item called selection and format this as boolean.

    On the dashboard or in the module to be filtered select this line item as your filter criteria. The user can then select the required line items from the new control module to limit or filter the line items in the target module.

    Time - All Periods

    All Periods can not not be selected directly. However, a time filter can be used which references a time properties module where this has been selected using a combination of formulas.





    Make sure the summary method is set to 'Formula'

    Use this line item to inform you time filter in the target modul.


    Hope this helps,




  • Hello @ankit_cheeni ,

    It is Possible with Line Item Subsets.

    Create a line item subset for your line items,

    Create a control module with LISS x Time,



    In your module, filter the line items based on your control module,


    Here is what you want to see,




  • @ArunManickam  @ChrisAHeathcote  Thank you for your solutions. I was thinking on the same lines but the issue with using a line item subset is that it would only take numeric line items and not text(correct me if I am wrong). Some of the line items are text formatted. 

    Let me know if there is a workaround.

  • I dont think there is a workaround, LISS is limited to numeric line items.




  • Hi Arun, Brain Freeze on my end. I created two conditions, one based on what we discussed(for numeric line items) and another for items that aren't numeric. It worked. Thank you for your help!