List subset

Hi All, 


I need to create a sub set of a list with all our assets. The subset should be dynamic and end user driven, e.g. all assets on HP or all right of use assets.


The aim is to reduce size of downstream modules performing calculation only on the subset. 






  • Well, thats the right thing to do.


    Your post do not include a question, assuming you are asking how to make the subset.


    Currently, subset is not driven by formulas. But you can achieve it through an import.


    To make a subset as dynamic,

    1. Create a boolean line item in a module and calculate the value according to your business logic

    2. Import the boolean into the list subset.






  • Hi,

    You can import into a subset.
    You should create a module with the full list as a dimension (you should have a List Management module actually), and two boolean line items, one that can be a formula the other a user choice.


    Create a view in the module only containing items that have been set as true.
    Go to the list > import > from this view > import the boolean into the subset



  • Hi, 


    Using subset is a big question in itself.

    Remember, if you create a subset of a list, its treated as another list and hence will occupy size.

    If the difference between the desired subset items and the list items is minimal, try not creating a subset and instead use a filtered view. Again this will have implications of its own, but surely improved performance over creating a subset.


    In case, you need to create a subset, then you will need to get in a boolean condition that will suffice creating a subset in a system module with the list and then import from the system module into the subset.


    Remember importing from a view of a system module while importing any of the subsets/ attributes.


    Let us know if you need more information




  • Thank you both.


    The end user will be adding forecast assets to the list via an action button, how do I incorporate the import within a process that runs in the background to ensure that the calculating modules have the assets available to them to perform relevant HP, IFRS16 calc?



  • once you have created the import action you can include it in any process just like any other import action
  • Hi @NB!

    You mention that the user runs an action to update the list. Assuming you have a boolean line item to drive your subset, would it help if you use a process instead and add your current action and the subset import action(from your boolean line item) to the process and let the user run that? 

  • Hi Ankit


    Thank you for your inputs. Sounds like a solution.


    Not sure how to implement it though.


    I have a numbered list containing the fixed assets register for the entity. The action adds a list item to the numbered list for forecast asset additions.


    I do have a boolean driving the subset refresh. 


    How would one combine the two in a process?




  • An additional complication is due to forecast versions. An asset could be assumed to be purchased on HP in one version and cash in another forecast version.


    A boolean in a system module for assets will pick up the selection made in the forecast version that is current. The dynamic list subset does not work across forecast versions.


    While the calculation modules need the assets to be available to them based on the selection made in the relevant forecast version for an overall comparative view. What if X in capex is funded through a mix of HP and Cash vs Y. 


    Any thoughts on overcoming above ?




  • Hi Nathan,

    What are your thoughts on dynamic subsets on a numbered list with a hierarchy and 10 native forecast versions?


  • I don't see a counter indication on "dynamic" subset, it is just like any other subset. Unless it changes every 5 minutes of course.

    10 native version can be a lot in terms of size depending on your other hierarchies. For models with a lot of version, I'd rather use a custom version list, easier to manage as you can subsetize it.

  • List Mgmt.JPG

    Hi Nathan, 


    A scenario to illustrate the issue, end users assign attributes to assets based on whether they are financed via cash or HP in Budget as a version.


    There is a boolean driving the subset based on whether the asset is financed with cash, HP or is a ROU asset in a module with native versions. (Dynamic bit) This works ok as long we do not have to worry about other native versions.


    When we roll the forecast forwards and enter a new period, end users might want to see the impact of an alternative financing mix on capex and therefore P&L, CFS & BS. 


    Since we do not have a custom version list and have used native versions, the calculating modules using subsets as a dimension will only make list items available from the version that is set as current. This will surely get in the way of a comparative view.


    Is there a workaround that does not entail using a custom version list? We are about to go live and using a custom version list is not feasible at this stage.





  • Since we do not have a custom version list and have used native versions, the calculating modules using subsets as a dimension will only make list items available from the version that is set as current. This will surely get in the way of a comparative view.

    you built your module with formula scope on "Current version only" ? If yes why ? Size reason ? Can you activate ?