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Hi I'm Soo.


On Certification Exam , I can't understand this question.

What does the second paragraph mean?


I reviewed the video classes, and I thought about it for almost two days,

but I don't know I don't think I can find the answer even if I keep thinking about it by myself.

Can someone help me?


I've been thinking about modifying the existing formula in the EMP02 module using EMP03 but I don't have a clue.






  • Hello,


    Here you need to reference the Module "employee Drivers by Role" to get their bonus, benefits, etc. based on each of the employees' role. I am not sure how else to say it without giving out the actual answer.

  • One more thing I'll add, in the same formula you'd need to know each of the employees role, dept, and based on that you'll need to fetch their benefits $$ from the employee drivers by role module.
  • Hi @SOO , 

    It's great that you have spent some time on this issue. I will try to guide you without giving the answer directly.

    What is important to note is that EMP02 Employee Expenses module is dimensioned by a subset of Employees List and your source module(from where you are trying to pull data) EMP03 Employee Drivers by Role is dimensioned by E1 Departments and Role.


    Now ask yourself, for an Employee say, Mickey; how do you know which value to pull in? Since your data in the source module is present basis departments and role, do you know these for Mickey? IF you know these, then you can tell Anaplan to pull in data for that role and department.


    Let me know if you need any more hint.


  • SOO
    I was able to solve the problem!  It was a simple problem to think about based on your  hint. 
    Thanks. Have a good day
  • @ankit_cheeni 

    So here is where I am struggling. Data is provided to assign each person to a role - which is a text. However to do a LOOKUP you need that to be a date or list. The Role list is just displaying the Role name and Role code. There is no correlation I see between the list information to data information for employee detail. Am I needing to add an additional layer to the SYS08 to add the Role Code? If I convert Role to the Format of List, the formula populates a blank.