Adding Un-editable Note in Export Action

There is need of adding a disclaimer/note in the first cell of file. How to add that cell in the exported file.? and also that disclaimer should not be editable in Anaplan model when another file is imported with different disclaimer.
For Reference: I Have attached a Screenshot. 
Employee(Column B is the List), Comment and Salary (Columns C & D) are the Line Items.Community.png

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  • nitish
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    So there are two parts in the solution, for the first part:-


    The module comprises of list as a dimension (As per the depiction in the attached screenshot)

    Add one property named “Disclaimer” in the list, and while exporting from the module choose that property first in the Labels section.



    For the second part:-

    To bring that disclaimer in only one cell and to make it non-editable you need to hard-code it using cumulate function.

    Below is the example of the same, you can use other functions like ISFIRSTOCCURRENCE as well but to use that you might need to add some more list properties.

    This is best solution I found, please feel free to suggest some more solutions.

    IF CUMULATE(1, “Argument”,”List Name” ) = 1 THEN "Disclaimer:- qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm " ELSE BLANK


    Note:- You might face some issues in getting the disclaimer in the first cell when you are using composite list.

    Nitish Singh


  • Hi Nitish,


    Thanks for solution. It works.😊

  • @saiteja ,


    A couple of things: first, please don't use properties, instead use either a "SYS Properties" module in accordance to DISCO and our training (L1, L2, and L3).  Secondly, it would be better for the system if the disclaimer was not a text field, but rather a list member.  If this disclaimer is fixed, simply create a list with one member and then reference it.





  • nitish



    Hi Rob,


    Thanks for suggestion, but with the suggested option as well, we can't get Disclaimer in first column.

    Please suggest the option from which we can get it in the first column, first cell.