Issue while Importing Dates in week format


Hi All,


I am trying to import data into my module however, i am not able to map the date format with the modules timescale, the date is in "Week 1 FY19" format and i am not sure which time scale format will be suitable for the same.



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  • DmitryP
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    Hi Sharmagh,


    If you navigate to Import settings, you are able to select the format you need either from already excising options OR the custom one, where "?" replace characters which should be ignored - see the screenshot below.



    Hope that helps,



  • Hi ,
    I was doing this training and came across with the same issue .
    Tried everything which was discussed above .
    But I am still facing the issue in date in week format .
    Nothing is working , can anyone help me with resolving this issue ?
  • PeterZ
    edited August 2023

    The date should be formatted in - periods - custom fixed-position pattern : ???? W ??YY

    Note the space must be added in after and before the question mark to match the custom date format otherwise the import won't work.