Lineitem maximum charecterstics


Hi Team,


One line item maximum allowing test is 60 characteristics. I want to build module line items more than 60 characters required. 


I need to publish these line items on the dashboard. Is there any alternative to building these line items Anaplan?






Kindly suggest me on the same.





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  • Misbah
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    No, you can't have line items with more than 60 characters. 


    But if you want to add comments within the cell i don't think there is any limit on the number of characters. You can publish it in below format. Add text formatted line item and write the commentary.



    Hope this helps



  • @UMAMAHESH123 ,


    Instead of naming the line item with greater than 60 characters, create a line item formatted as Text and have the users input into that.  Using text is not great for the system, so please use this wisely.



  • why do you need such a long line item ? especially the name ?

    Why not just publish text on the dashboard ?

  • Hi @nathan_rudman ,


    I am preparing the cash flow statement and income tax calculation statements.

    If I want to prepare a module like as below, then we need long line-items to build calculations. Please suggest me is there any other way to build the below statements in Anaplan.






  • Misbah



    All these line items are not more than 60 characters, there are cash flows (direct and indirect both) already built in Anaplan without any issues on the naming convention. However if you still want to have additional commentary, you can have a separate text formatted line item for that.




  • Hi @Misbah,


    Above screenshots for cash flow statement is an example. But I am trying but income tax calculation statements and cash flow statements. The below is an example screenshot of income tax calculations




    When I come to income tax calculation text was more than 60 characteristics. If we maintain a text formatted line item, then how to write calculations in that line item?




  • Misbah



    Here is one approach but there is a con to it .You will have to create few modules on top of your output module - which will have a space impact. 


    My Solution will use Line item Subsets. Steps are as follows


    1. Create a numbered list and have a display Name property.Preferably coming from the module.Below module is named as Income Tax Numbered Numbered List Module




    2. Create your module lets call it Income Tax Module with as many line item as you want - with less than 60 characters. You can write formula in here. I am just inputting the numbers for explanation purpose


    3. Create Line item subset based on Income Tax Module and use that Line item subset in another module, lets call it LIS module. Bring the data into this module with the help of COLLECT function



    4. Create a Mapping Module dimensioned by Numbered List, lets call it Mapping Module with LIS, with one line item. Make this line item list formatted on Line item subset


    5. Create a Final Module with Numbered list as a dimension and use Lookup with mapping module to pull the numbers


    Hope this helps,



  • @UMAMAHESH123 Unfortunately Misbah is right, you can't do this an easy way you are stuck with 60 chars.
    You could also use a numbered list where the display name is not limited to 60 chars and base your CF on it but your formulas will become complex to audit.
  • Hi @Misbah  @nathan_rudman ,


    Yes, Thanks for your suggestions.


    Only one concern from my end. is it possible to highlight the numbered list item?


    For Example "Amount disallowed under Section 43B of the Act allowable on payment/ written back"  this is an item of the numbered list. I want to highlight this item on the dashboard.


    is it possible to highlight specific numbered list items in the module ?. If this is a line item then I can apply style "Summary 1 or summary 2" but this is numbered list. Please share your suggestions on the same.





  • Misbah

    This is exactly what I demonstrated in my reply. In Step 5 Final module .. it is dimensioned by Your Numbered list. So all these descriptions are Numbered list items. Go thru it and see if it helps
  • In Anaplan we can only style line items, not lists nor LI subsets