Adding items to numbered list using Create


I want to achieve this but getting a little bit of a problem:

  • End User can add an item in a number list by clicking a button.
  • He can choose Product Family from the drop down (Page Selector).
  • And after that whatever he wrote in Product Name gets imported to the list under the Product Family Selected.


I tried using Create Action but with that first a number gets inserted which later I had to edit to achieve the functionality. What I really want is that what user types it gets added on clicking of the button without any manual editing. 


Please Help!


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  • prabhu
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    Hi @Vaibhav,


    I have a solution without using a Create button.


    1. So you have a Parent list(Product - Non-Numbered List) and

        Child List (Sub Product - Numbered List) and 1 property(Display Name - Text Format).


    2. Create a Module (Module A) with Parent list(Product - Non-Numbered List) as Dimension. and Line Item - Product Name(Text - Format) and Product Code(Text - Format)




    3. Create a Module (Module B) with Parent list (Product - Non-Numbered List) as Dimension. Line Item - Blank(no data - format)




    4. Create an action - Import into Child List from Module A




    5. Create an Action - Import into Module A from Module B (the reason for this Action is to, clear Existing inputs in the dashboard so that new inputs can be written after the action is executed)



    6. Create a Process(Import into List) - (Put Step4, Step5 actions in this order)


    7. Publish into Dashboard (Parent list(Product - Non-Numbered List) - Page Selector, 

                                                Module A,

                                                Process - Import into List






    8. After the Action is Executed






    Hope it helps





    Sorna Raja Prabhu


  • Hi @Vaibhav 


    You have already used number list to create a new product using " Create". There is an option under create action to assign the parent as well. It would be better to use this option to create a new product under Product family.

    you can try below steps:

    1.  Create one system module with product dimension( which is your number list) and one line item " Product Name"


    2. Create one property "Display name" in your Product list and set as display name


    Make sure Display name format should be text


    3. Write a formula for Display name

    IF ISBLANK(SYS_Create New Product.Product Name) THEN "Please enter a Product name" ELSE SYS_Create New Product.Product Name.

    4. Use " Create" option to create a new product under Action tab.


    Now when you create a new product through this action one pop-up will come to assign the parent


    Select the parent and click on ok

    Now you can enter whatever the product name it will reflect as well in the list.



    Hope this help!






  • Hi @prabhu 


    Thanks for the solution. It Worked, but still it is showing one error can you help me out with that. It is inserting but still showing one error:



  • prabhu

    Hi @Vaibhav,


    Don't Worry much about the errors.

    This error is because of we have mapped 1 parent only rest 4 parents are not mapped.


    I am trying for a new solution will let you soon.



    Sorna Raja Prabhu

  • This can now be done on the new UX using the Create Action as well, where you can choose the values that you want the user to add, and the same can be displayed directly.