Level 1 Model Building - Subset did not appear in Subset List


The subset list (#E2 Employees: Active?) was created in the #E2 Employees List.  Why is it that it did not appear under the larget #E2 Employees list and under the --- Subsets ---(i.e. Subset list).  Please refer to the screenshot below.  







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  • JaredDolich
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    Hi @Star 

    This is a great question and one that is asked often.

    You're really close. I think, like many people, you might have gotten confused between a list subset and line item subset.

    A line item subset converts line items into a list and becomes visible in the "subset" section.

    You can find the list subset two tabs over from the grid view.

    When you build a new module you can select that subset from the list as shown in this screenshot.


  • Star
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    Thank you so much, @JaredDolich