Day level charts


Hey Guys,

I'm working on some day level charts, where i need all days of the year to be on the x axis. On doing this, it errors out saying "Unable to create chart as selection size limit exceeded 200 items per axis, i understand this can be the case for other types of dims, but is there a way to add time/days to the x axis with over 200 days?


Were working on a activity based planning project here, and many of the activities are by day, we need to plot by day over a forecast of at least one year





  • Hi Nik,


    I don't believe there is a workaround to the 200 limit. An increase to 400 does appear to be on the roadmap according to the below idea exchange thread. 



    You could set up filters to drive the graph and still show daily granularity but over a shorter time range. 

  • Hey,

    Thanks for that exchange thread, Yea for now i have some filters setup to get to a 90 day view as a workaround, I've got a support ticket open on this to see what Anaplan can do to extend it to atleast 400, this being a massive big data implementation with forecasts by the day going out many years, going out to 365 is like a minimum ask to be able to see plots by the day. Thanks.


    Appreciate it.