Level 1 Model Building - Create SYS08 Employee Details System Module


In the Activities, the following is to be created:


Below is the result:


Is the result correct?  Somehow I am doubting it when I started to import data.  






  • @Star 

    This is the fun part of importing data.

    You'll need to really think about the mapping. Go through every screen and make sure you're seeing matches on the dimensions.

    If you still have problems with the mapping, screenshot what you're doing and I can give you some guidance.

    For example, you should see all green employees mapped. That's how you know if you've identified the right column in your CSV file.

    Your line items should also be matched - 


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    Hi @JaredDolich
    Yes, I've got the above mapping correct. But hit a bump when it comes to Line Item mapping.






    Below is the Line Item mapping defined and the result:






    The other issue is the date format issue.  Let's address the non-date issue first and we discuss the date formatting later as I need to be clear on the column/row definitions prior to addressing the date.  

    Thanks so much for your help.  Appreciate it



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    Yeah, the date is not really explained very well how to handle in the documentation for L1.

    You can make the date format correctly by setting it in the mapping. See here.


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    The data were loaded.  

    Grid View after loading as below:


    1)  Code is supposed to be blank?

    2)  Based on the Activities to Create System Module (copied below), 


      Was the above Grid View displaying correctly (i.e. defined correctly)?


    3)  If the answer to point (2) is Yes, it is very different from the Grid View in the Model defined by Anaplan. 



    Was there some steps missing or are there further activities which would require the columns and rows to be flipped?



    The result from the Model downloaded shows the following:




  • Good job @Star 

    Make sure the leave date was loaded. I can't tell from your screenshot.

    When you finish the import you should not see any errors. You should only see green checkmarks.


  • This is where I am having a problem I have blanks where 02 Robin is and a couple of others. How do I solve this issue so I can import it.