Level 1 Model Building EMP02 Employee Expenses Module Dimensions




I am currently in the process of going through the Level 1 Model Building course. In section 10, I was instructed to create a module with the dimensions: #E2 Employees, Active?, Time


The problem is that I don't see Active? anywhere in my model, except maybe as a line item in a separate list or module. Regardless, it isn't an option on the list when creating the module. Where would I find this, or how do I add it?


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  • JaredDolich
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    Very common question. Thanks for asking.

    What you are referring to is what's called a list subset.

    the benefits of a list subset is that you can narrow the list to a smaller set of list items. This reduces your overall module size as well as make it easier to work with.


    In the #E2 Employee List you can find the list subset.



    When you build your module you'll drag this list subset into your pivot.



  • I'm not sure why the formula isn't populating the data for those selections within activity 10.2.6. Any suggestions or will there be an additional input for this data in another lesson?