Chris Mullen New UX Demonstration


For those of you that missed @ChrisMullen demonstration of the new UX you can watch it here. 

He'll take you through a quick page build by using the L1 model.

Super easy - great video - Love @ChrisMullen's style. Highly recommend it.



  • Misbah

    Indeed Chris was fab in his tutorial video.


    However I still feel that New UX has got to do more in order to get the attention that it deserves. For example it lacks tons of features on Charts - need to bring more and more types of charts. 


    Look and feel needs to be better - Give users ability to change the background of the card.

    Limitations on the number of cards per row (As of now it is 4) - Has to have some technical reason behind it

    Ability for users to input a text message on KPI or Chart cards directly 

    Open source module feature will be highly beneficial

    Multiple Drill Down feature (as of now it is single drill down)

    Rearranging the pages


    Many many I can think of but let's just stop here:)

  • Hi @JaredDolich

    Could you please upload the link to the video if it still exist

  • @innocent

    Yeah, this is when UX first came out. I don't have the link unfortunately but, TBH, as great as this demo was, it's more or less obsolete. So much has been added to UX since then. Recommend the UX courses in the learning environment.

  • Thanks @JaredDolich I appreciate your response!