Anaplan Level 1 Certificate


Hi All,

Can please let me know how do we get the certificate for Level 1 Anaplan?

I have  completed all the Courses comes under 'Level 1 Model Building' and passed the exam also.But some how have not received any certificate for the same.

For level 2 as and when I have finished all the sprints I have got the certificate in pdf format.





  • Hi Sruthy- You can gain certificate after clicking Level 1 Model building certificate and then it will prompt you to "Get Certificate" which can result in download of pdf.

    SS attached , in case that's not visible you may have to take Post-Training survey to go there .





  • @bhatjaved 

    Thanks for your help

    It worked after completing the training post survey. Recieved certificate.





  • Hi can you please guide me. How to start Anaplan level certificate training?