Level 1 Model Building - DATA01 P&L Actuals and Budget


I loaded the 'P&L+Actuals+&+Budget.csv' file and found out that Forecast is calculated (in black).  I cleared data again and Actual, Budget and Forecast was 0.


Is it because there is a formula defined for 'Forecast'?  If so, how can this be trouble-shooted?







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  • Misbah
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    I explained to you why do you see forecast in black ink and not blue ink. I explained to you why do you see the forecast  numbers equaling to Actuals for Swtichover months.


    Now the question of using switchover depends on the overall objective. If you don't want your forecast values to be replaced by actuals then you can go to 


    Versions -> Switchover -> Hit the delete key in switchover cell.



    Answer 1 - You can not set or remove switchover for Actuals. It is applicable to all other versions and not actuals

    Answer 2 - Switchover for the entire model is set in Versions Command and not in the module line items

    Answer 3 - I would say you keep as is. 






  • @Star 


    This can happen when you have a switchover set in your versions (Most probably April). That's why you see all the forecast numbers equaling actuals but in black (meaning can't be edited)



    Just remove the Switchover if you don't want to have actuals populated in forecast. 


    Hope that helps



  • @Misbah

    1)  Do you remove (untick) the switchover for Actual, Budget and Forecast or just Forecast only?

    2)  I opened the SYS09 Version Details and the switchover is grayed out.  Can't untick.  How to fix this?





    3)  Am at Part 11: Profit & Loss Reports of Level 1 Model Building.  At this stage, should the switchover be ticked for Actual, Budget and Forecast be as above screenshot and be modified in future activities?  if so, I'll leave it as it is.