Level 3 : Sprint 1




Its regarding Level 3: Sprint 1 : User Story says " Import the Financial Forecast data from the Level 1 FP&A model" but I do not have the Level 1 Model in my work space and download the Level 1 as per the instruction given in the course but unable to identify the correct module in Level 1 contains the Financial Forecast data. For time being i have used the "Baseline+Financial+Forecast.csv" file for now. Can anyone help me to identify which module name is needed to import as i can see data is not matching with the excel file ?


File data is not matching with Level 1 FP&A data. Apologize for misunderstood. Please clarify 



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    Please make sure to read the directions carefully.  This file is meant to be used in your level 3 model.  We didn't want to have users import from their level 1 models due to the fact there are many inputs that could through off the numbers.  Therefore, we provided a file from the FP&A model to ensure consistency across all learners. 




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    I am a bit confused here. The Baseline forecast file has data by country by Product family. In which module am I uploading this? In TAR01 ? If so TAR01 has Product# & no country. Am I really missing something?


    "However, to ensure data consistency download the Baseline Financial Forecast.csv file for import into the Sales Planning model."