Numbered List Actions - New UX


Hi All,


We now have the ability to create "Forms" in the NUX which replicate the old Create action but with additional functionality, such as naming the item on creation. Is it yet possible to replicate any of the other numbered list actions such as copy branch and assign? 


Is it also planned to enable forms to be created on a board instead of having to create them on a worksheet then place them onto the board? 


  • Misbah



    Delete Branch, Copy Branch & Assign - Even I am curious to know about publishing these on Pages

  • ...and also, when will it be possible that the board / worksheet syncs automatically to the newly created item?

    So far this feature looks nice in demos but is fairly useless in your daily work compared to the former create action.

    For example, I just tested to build a board / worksheet for consolidation journals in NUX and that's only possible with a bad user experience (manual sync, refresh etc.).

    Looking forward to parity!

  • Love the look of the forms but agree with the statements above.  It would be much simpler if you didn’t first have to create a form on a worksheet and than add to a board.  For us to be able to utilize forms, DCA needs to be enabled.  Boards/Worksheets need to sync to newly created items.  Additionally, would like to sync a form to another form.  For instance, if I create a campaign using a form and then want to add activities under that campaign through a separate form, the parent should default to the newly created campaign.

  • Agree with all the comments above.

    Form is really neat, love the ability to control text i.e. upper/lower case, numeric, special characters and select key fields.

    just would like the stress the important of having the board/worksheet sync to the newly created items and please make available other actions i.e. assign.


    Looking forward to next release.



  • CallumW

    An important step for existing customers setting up their NUX experience, personally i'd love to see a break down of missing existing functionality in NUX and what the timeline looks like for development/if it is being considered for the NUX.


    @DavidSmith  - any thoughts on this?



  • Misbah



    Absolutely! I second that.


    Existing Functionalities should have been carried over when this transition to NUX happened otherwise it would not possible for all to switch to NUX. There are a few charts missing, Can't use ASSIGN, COPY or DELETE Branch, Doesn't have "Open source modules", Multi Level Drill down was released just a few weeks ago

  • @AWhitworth 

    It is not is my direct area of responsibility, but I will mention your request to the relevant person


    I do know that Assign is on the way!



  • CallumW

    Much appreciated, David.


    Is there a more relevant community contact for these type of questions? Will stop me from unneccesarily tagging you (apologies for that!)