New Home Page and New UX


How do I stop end users accessing My Pages until we as the local "experts" understand how they work? We have not had a chance to look at, or set up new UX at all. We've turned off the enable My Pages to the models, but the user can still click create, having selected a workspace, and then get to (what I think are) all the saved views to modules in the model.


I feel sure there must be a way of stopping them, but I can't puzzle this out. We are concerned when everyone starts landing on the new Home page they will go dabbling and seeing data or work in progress views that will confuse them.


Any advice or guidance gratefully received.


  • Hi @Scorina 

    Am guessing this is what you've already done... go to the App page and click Manage my Pages



    Then just switch on/off for each model accordingly


    I just tried it on one of our models and it no longer appeared in the drop-down in create personal page.




    Hope that answers your question / confirms something you've already done.



  • Hi @andrewtye, That is indeed what I have done. The problem is that the "create" button is still there and thus bypasses the model selection. Has anyone spotted this and found a way to stop users going on to create pages from saved views that are really only there for the modellers?

  • Misbah



    Not sure if I am missing anything here. As @andrewtye mentioned that you need to disable the option of "Enable Pages" from all the models. Anaplan enables pages by default, so we will have to turn them off manually.


    Once you do that although "Create Page" option will still be available but users won't be able to pick the models in the selection panel - which should restrict them from creating pages. I am not sure if there is any bypassing here. Anaplan will still ask you about the Source WS and Source Model




    Hope that helps



  • Thanks @Misbah , It is more that the curious users will take the create button and then may get baffled with what they can do (which isn't everything, but they can create a page and put some things on it) as choices like those below are available. I suppose I'm surprised the create button is available without all the drop down selections filled in, in your image below it doesn't appear to be available, whereas in my user test view (second image) it is.






  • Misbah



    Well that's strange. If you have disabled the option I don't think user should be able to see any of these views provided you have disabled for each and every model.


    If that is not the case probably you may want to raise it to Anaplan Support (