Level 1 - Model Building - Module Report - Different Results



In the Module - REP01 Country Margin Report below, G3 Location and P2 Products were selected in Pages and the results are as per below screenshot.




However, in the Module - REP01 Country Margin Report - Copy below, G2 Country and P1 Product Family were selected in Pages and the results shown is '0' as per below screenshot.




Were there some steps missing?  I would think that their results should be the same.






  • Hi,
    Your two modules have different dimensions, your 'Copy' model doesn't know which value to pull in when you refer two different modules.

    Since the dimensions in 'Copy' module are parent of the dimension in the other module and you already have done the calculation in REP01, try referring that directly. As Anaplan says "calculate once, reference many times" 🙂
  • Star

    1) Why would the result be different when everything else is the same except for the Pages - one with dimensions
    displaying parent and the other with lower levels?
    How do you fix the result in the 'Copy' model? Displaying '0' is not correct.
    2) Understand the 'calculate once, reference many times' from the best practice perspective. But from the logical perspective, the same results still need to be achieved, right?
  • Hi Star,
    Sorry I wasn't clear the last time. What I mean is reference the REP01 line item directly in the Copy module. This will pull in the value for the parent combination(G2 P1 combination in Copy from G3 P2 combination in REP01)
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    Hi @ankit_cheeni
    I guess where I am coming is, how is it resolved if no referencing to REP01 Country Margin is defined in Copy module.
    Assume that REP01 Country Margin was not created and only Copy module was created. The '0' result would give a wrong impression. Hence, how is it resolved without referencing?
  • Misbah



    You need to check the summary methods of your line items in Source Modules.


    Price Book - Summary Should be set to SUM

    Volume - Summary Should be set to SUM


    If  either of the above is set to none  it will not aggregate the values and the output will be zero.

    Let us know about your findings



  • @Star As Misbah suggested, you need to check if the summary of the items are set to none(in that case you will get zero).

    Also, the calculation would still be wrong due to basic maths

    2*3 = 6
    3*4 = 12
    Now when you reference it directly, it will show the rollup value, i.e. 18. However, if we use the formula directly it will do (2+3)*(3+4) which is 35 since they are being pulled in from different modules.


    Let me know if this makes sense

  • Star


    The results are still different.  I have tried setting Price book to None, Average and Sum.  Volume always at Sum.  

    The results at the Copy module should be the same as the REP01 Country Margin Report but they are different even with the above Summary Settings.




  • Star
    Please refer to my reply to @Misbah for the different results.
  • Misbah



    This is expected because you are aggregating the prices of your products as well. For example my Product Family has 3 Products i.e., P1, P2 & P3

    P1 = $1

    P2 = $1.5

    P3 = $2.5

    If you try to sum everything up, you are saying that the price of entire product family is $5 - which might not be true. Same goes to rest of the summary methods like Average etc

    Keeping your summary method on Price lien item as Average  will take you closer but it will not be the correct answer


    In order to avoid this situation you can create a module dimensioned by Product Family and Insert one input line item and upload your prices directly instead of letting Anaplan do the aggregation. 


    Hope that helps