Delete Multiple Users from the Model in one shot.




Is there a way to delete the multiple users in one shot from the model.  



Ashoka GK



  • Hi @abi286476 


    No, you can't delete multiple users in one shot from the model but you can change their role to " No Access" through import option either through module or csv.






  • wquan

    Only way we've achieved this is loading in a list of users via the import action on the user tab and setting them to 'No Access', then manually deleting them for now! Atleast we can take comfort in knowing that a solution is being worked on by Anaplan!

  • Just to say, if you did want to mass delete users from models/workspaces, this now available following this weekend's release


  • Hey.
    is there any way to delete multiple users in a single go!? I was in the assumption that this feature is not available yet.

  • Hello @manasvi1207 , as mentioned by our Community members, you shall have that feature from coming week. For now, either

    1. You can manually delete users from Model
    2. Change user access to "No Access"