Anaplan Foundation Model


As the Anaplan App Hub is currently undergoing a redesign and upgrade, this post will serve as the formal documentation source for the Anaplan Foundation Model.


Anaplan Foundation Model Download Process:

1. Click on the link below to begin the download


2. Select your Customer / Tenant





3. Select your Workspace 



4. Model will save with the following name: Anaplan Foundation Model v1.0



Documentation attached:

  • Anaplan Foundation Model v1.0
  • AFM - User Access Template v1.0




  • @matthewkuo 

    Brilliant work! 

    I highly recommend this to anyone starting a new model.

  • gheiler

    Hey @matthewkuo thanks for the hard work on this - it is a very important initiative.


    I don't know if it is issues on my end, but I have tried the link a few times on different browsers, and I have tried the link in the PP deck, and it either gives me a 404 page error or it just redirects me to my workspace with no model install... Thought you should be aware if there is an issue with the model download link.



    Anavate Partners

  • @gheiler 

    Definitely fill out a support ticket on that!

    I know @matthewkuo model was working during the recent Hackathon - it was used to build the data hub.

  • Good initiative,


    It is definitely something Anaplan customer's should do, having such a template.

    When they do, it is usually a model with the main lists and a few re-usable modules + the users actions.

    I know I have mine that I provide to new partners I work with as an example


    The link you provide does not work for me. Maybe provide the link to the App Hub tile ?

  • This looks super promising! Similarly to gheiler and nathan_rudman I am getting an error when using the link in the original post or in the powerpoint. Will definitely give it a try when I can get my hands on a copy.


  • @matthewkuo 

    Great effort 👏
    I think you combined every Anaplanner's dreams with this idea. I am surprised you don't come from a "programming" background since this thinking is definitely alined with a programmer's brain. 

    Like the others, I wasn't able to download the model but I just finished reading the PowerPoint. A lot of the pains you mentioned - especially regarding taking over a model whose creator is long gone - I have been through.

    I certainly created modules with the line item formatted as what will be used in the model (Hyphen for zeros. decimal with 2 points, $ with no decimal ....) and used to copy it to start any new module. The idea of formatting every line item you create is painfully unnecessary. We should have the ability to set a default for the number format for the whole model for example.

    The same with dashboards ..... I start by creating a template dashboard with the header/logo (and footer if applicable), the header and sections text boxes with the styles I will use, and of course, go through the painful unnecessary process of aligning the text boxes. Then I create new dashboards by copying and renaming the template. This way all my dashboards have the same look and feel and I don't have to go through aligning the elements on every new dashboard.



    - In your Symbol list - which is not sanctioned by Anaplan Best Practice 😊 - I would have loved to see the "invisible" character. I utilize that all the time - in finance- to provide dividers between columns, the only way to get it is by copying it from elsewhere.

    - One of the models I used as my "AFM" was the time filter module - again we almost always need that in finance, maybe including that wouldn't be a bad idea.  


    Finally, I full-heartedly support your idea about the saved views, however, when I clicked to support it, it took me to another page - the URL needs fixing.


    Again, keep up the good work and let us know how we can help more.


  • Hi, @matthewkuo 

    I tried to download AFM again in preparation for next week's gathering. I'm having trouble though - getting a certificate not valid error. Tried in both Chrome and Edge and get the same error. I'll fill out a support ticket but just wondering if you, or others, are having the same issue.

  • Hello everyone,

    I contacted support regarding the link to the AFM model not working and they were able to resolve the issue. I believe it was a typo in the URL (aap instead of app)


    Here is the link they provided and it worked for me. Let us know if it doesn't work for you.


  • @einas.ibrahim 

    You are a champion! Thank you. That link worked great for me!

    Just in time for next week's quarterly review with @matthewkuo !!

    Thank you for following up on this!!

    One of  my favorite things about Matthew's home dashboard is the symmetry. It really matters and is one of the UX tenants for what makes a dashboard great.



  • Thanks Einas!! Your link works great.